Oregano Oil Facts

Fresh green herbs, isolated over white

Oregano Oil and Herpes

Herpes simplex, most commonly known as herpes, is a viral disease that causes several types of infections depending on where they are located. There is a case of oral herpes, the most common type, which is an infection of the mouth or the face. There is also a case of genital herpes which is the […]


Oregano Oil Side Effects

Oregano oil is known as an herbal medicine derived from the oregano herb that can cure many human ailments. It is well known in the medical world and is now used by many to heal respiratory problems, to kill bacteria and other micro organisms that cause problems in the human body. This herbal oil is […]

Fresh green herbs, isolated over white

Oregano Oil For Parasites

There are several types of parasites that may reside in our bodies. The most common would be protozoa and worms that infect the body through a parasitic disease. The parasites that live in our bodies are classified in to two groups: the ectoparasites, which are parasites that cause infection through our skin and the endoparasites, […]