Using Oregano Oil for Warts

The various myths about warts including the popular one about toads causing them, serve as proof of the little understanding people have about the condition. So to clear matters, warts are growth of the skin brought about by the human papillomavirus (HPV) taking over your DNA. They are sometimes contagious, tend to recur, and can sometimes herald cancer. Despite generally being painless, warts are annoying and can cause embarrassment, them being considered a type of skin disease.

These characteristics of warts make them difficult and expensive to treat especially if you subscribe to surgical options like burning, freezing, or laser treatment. But did you know that there is an inexpensive treatment that affords you relative success in getting rid once and for all of those annoying warts? Oregano oil for warts is an age-old treatment used for generations to get rid of various skin diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Oregano oil is considered the most effective broad spectrum natural antibiotic even besting drugs both topical and oral used to treat skin diseases.

The following are things to remember when using oregano oil for warts:

1) Before taking oregano oil, you need to dilute it in virgin coconut or olive oil with a rate of 50:50.
2) For best results, you need to take 3 drops every two hours preferably during the day as well as wipe them over the warts. The oil works both as an oral and topical herbal medication.
3) Take note that you should never take oregano oil together with blood thinning agents as doing so can cause a decrease in your blood pressure. The oil is also contraindicated for the pregnant and lactating.

The efficacy of oregano oil for warts has been proven by several researches, even being able to eradicate the stronger viral diseases such as herpes and shingles.