Oregano Oil and Probiotics

Oregano oil and probiotics have been interrelated ever since. Oregano oil has many health benefits and one of them is for better digestion and release of bile by the liver. Probiotics are used for better absorption by the stomach and for good bacteria to dissolve the food that has been eaten. Both are important to the digestive process. There have been questions however if oregano oil might kill the probiotics within the body such as the good bacteria that is needed since oregano oil serves as natural antibiotic in the body. As a matter of fact, oregano oil and probiotics do not really help one another; oregano oil may kill the bad bacteria in the body but it will kill the good bacteria as well. This is why when taking oregano oil; a health expert’s prescription is needed. Probiotics can be found from eating food such as yogurt and other probiotic drinks.

Now the body can produce its own good bacteria which are needed by the body to boost the immune system. Oregano oil however, acting as antibiotic, kills the bacteria within the body, both good and bad. This causes the body’s immune system to weaken. This is why oregano oil is taken in moderation so as not to kill all the good bacteria within the body. To gain back the good bacteria, probiotic supplements and food can be taken to strengthen the immune system again, and increase the good bacteria within the body. Oregano oil also acts as an immune system booster and has many other health benefits for the body. Oregano oil and probiotics are useful to the body in many ways, and both can be taken to have a healthy digestive system. However, it is advisable to taken both in moderation and with proper knowledge. It is best to try probiotics and oregano oil only when needed.